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Clerkenwell 1863

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Clerkenwell, St James & St John]

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Statement and Account of all Moneys Received and Expended from 25th March, 1863,

to 25th March, 1864.

By the Vestry of the Parish of Saint James and Saint John, Clerkenwell.

Fol. in LedgRECEIPTSMoneys received by the Vestry from March 25th, 1863, to March 25th, 1864.Moneys owing to the Vestry March 25th, 1864.Fol. in Ledg.EXPENDITURE.Unpaid March 25th, 1863.Incurred from 25th March, 18(53, to 25th March 1864.Paid from March 25th,1863, to March 25th, 1864.Unpaid at March 25th, 1864.
SEWER ACCOUNT.£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.SEWER ACCOUNT.£s.d.£s.d.£s.d.£sd.
520Balance brought forward from 25th March. 1863929280Metropolitan Board of "Works towards defraying ordinary ex-205817265766205817265766
329Amount collected on arrears of Rate made 27th March, 18624172
291Milliehamp, drain pipes562224125462b9
521Amount collected by Dyer, (late arrears collector) on arrears of Rate made September 29th, 1859040304Aldridge, Chandlery10721493154
280Dodd, Stocks0180214621400186
313Varney, Cartage of Slops from Gullies9002512034120
521Ditto on arrears of Rate made 29th March, 1860050
521Collectors' Commission4091391410150
72Ditto collected on Rate made 2nd April, 18632423622428124352Cole and Son, Constructing Sewer, St. John Street172122172122
265 Fees for connecting private drains24146253Surveyor's Salary (one third of)2218495168931502500
8 to 17Blackmore, Cement21332133
521Beggs, Lowes Traps10267176250
521Clarke, Flushers' Boots & Stockings660660
273Sewer Rate01200120
Balance in arrear242Sewermen's Wages2413924139
8 to 17Petty Expenses, per Current Expenses Account372872
2692842097483283145269284 1 2688109