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Clerkenwell 1863

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Clerkenwell, St James & St John]

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The mortality from the principal Zymotic diseases, or those which are most fatal, is almost exactly the same as that of the previous year, 376 deaths having arisen from them. The details are given in the subjoined Table.—

Small Pox.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Hooping Cough.Diarrhoea.Typhus (in Fever Hospital.)TOTALS.Deaths from all causes.
1857 -65142846547 + (9)2951406
18.58 -56964615531 + (8)2851477
1859 -92482876831 + (6)3011374
1860 -103950623827 + (5)2261383
1861 -...22951077244 + (17)3401494
1862 -176133534270 + (9)3751572
1863 -2644146665242 + (8).3761509

The veiy striking increase in the number of deaths from
Small Pox, amounting, in fact, to nearly half the excess of
mortality above the average, will at once attract attention.
During the year, this malady was quite epidemic in the metropolis,
and prevailed to a much greater extent than even in 1859 and
1800, when it was also extremely prevalent; and it visited this
Parish severely, as might be judged from the mortality it produced.
This complaint is so completely under the control of
vaccination, that no doubt, if vaccination were thoroughly carried