London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Clerkenwell 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Clerkenwell, St James & St John]

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Balance brought forward from Lady-85Imperial Gas Company7061814174417671211355131
day, 1858 -36141079Chartered Gas Company6133101149156147407288189
151Amounts Collected of Rate made July,51611106City Gas Company11415723511629192581711
18571713-5, and 366, Collectors' Commission Sheen & Son, Gas Work -101986520691896211
242Ditto ditto made January, 185810101869110501353913920115
245Ditto ditto made August, 1858220297 ½1000
247Ditto ditto made March, 185980134334584|1400009
360Capps & Tiffin—Amount of Wright's Defalcations on Lighting Rate, made August last -6924
848Arrears Collected on Rate made January, 18588463642152
843Clarke—Amount of Work done-2126Balance in favor of Lighting Account -14415
318Silvester—Damage to Lamp012037871061
320City Cas Company—Amount returned paid in error -060General Expenses Account
312London General Omnibus Company -396
Great Northern Railway Company -4166Cartage, Dusting, Cleansing, Water ing and Road Materials.
Balance brought forward from Lady-day, 1858347Summersell, Dusting and Cleansing -19900014200057000
201Stapleton, Ditto712180712180
11341981Varney, Cartage -61606160
132Amount collected of Rate made Jan.313Murr Ditto -51205120
1857117973Stiles, Paving and Granite -16141432501112934134193030
161Ditto ditto made July, 185725833340keates, Watering Wards 1, 2,& 35919957546165
274Ditto ditto made January, 1858304250200080Perkins Ditto 4 & c.3300033000
278Ditto ditto made August, 185844303186Islington Vestry, Repairing portion of Caledonian Road
360Capps &; Tiffin—Amount of Wright's Defalcation on General Rate made August last -41482311017133
97Dodd, Henry, Ballast, &c. -31513311805402886186
136163373Winn, Watering (the two Districts) -7400074006
348Arrears collected on Rate made January, 185821150
280Amount collected on Rate made March, 18593501488241150
Outstanding, gross £6232, nett about -5600oo
28Highway Board, (the late)116