London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Clerkenwell 1858

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Clerkenwell, St James & St John]

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Brought forward997905749127Brought forward291520846814279681343415210
91NEW RIVER COMPANY, for Water391132686901069452179
107Mortgage, Cook4500002750072300405000
DONE BY THE VESTRY.351Bath, proportion of Debt and Interest on late Goswell Street Trust
97IT. Dodd, ditto ditto61296129
uRedfern0373W. Stiles, ditto ditto3118631186
317Walsham0100316Vestry's Contributions towards Gas Enquiry
Treggon2110Collector's Commission on General Rates28191
320Hotten024Cheque Books1680168
"Ebertheuhser089SUNDRY BILLS-
"Mawe -1159111Walsham,"'Bricklayer's work185181710973
Thompson517101040214Shenton, Plumhers' work400400
Shenton074211Hallam, Chandlery310310
Gibbings193341Hallow, Chandlery1063102301
Turner01888Bassil, Smiths' work41002019227963198
358Purvis100083Inglis, Stationery21622162
362Gilbert5523919123Hale, Inspectors' Coats -1200120014158
93Docwra, Repairing Water Posts -311731717
344Thompson & Sons, ditto ditto1G179119760
64STOCK SOLD.871096Franklin, Coals -101761C1761170
71Dore, Plumbers' work -3581024110
342Shepherd, Inspectors' Hats2160160
317Medical Officer's Report (sale of)002112Taylor, Smiths' work -11261126
351Bath, half year's Interest on Mortage306Turner <fc Son, Floor Cloth11471147
320Debt returned365315Little, Printing -45602!11615146
Frampton, cost of Summonses, and Fee to Medical Officer as Witness -34 6Foster, Stationery -181614403176
150205Fowler, B., Reparing Pump, Clerken-well Green536536
Bucklerco,st of Summonses0404157
87Fowler, D., Carpenters' work91328161118
352Jones & Blaxton, Urinal Boxes -850650200
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