London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Stepney 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Table 14 (Contd.)

(c) Proceedings under Section 17 of Housing Act, 1957-
(i) Dwelling-houses in respect of which Demolition Orders were made5
(ii) Dwelling-houses demolished in pursuance of Demolition Orders1
(iii) Closing Orders made2
(d) Proceedings under Section 18 of Housing Act, 1957-
(i) Separate tenements or underground rooms in respect of which Closing Orders were made2
(ii) Closing Orders determined, the tenements or rooms having been rendered fit (Section 27)7
(e) Proceedings under Section 28 of Housing Act, 1957-
Demolition Orders substituted for Closing OrdersNil
(f) Proceedings under Section 42 of Housing Act, 1957-
(i) No. of houses included by representation by Medical Officer of Health28
(ii) No. of houses demolished in pursuance of representationsNil
IV. Housing Act, 1957, Part IV- Overcrowding:-
(i) No. of overcrowded families on register at beginning of year363
(ii) No. of new cases encountered during year10
(iii) No. of cases relieved during the year18
(iv) No. of overcrowded families on register at end of year355
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