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Stepney 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Table 8 (contd.)

Rent Act, 1957-Certificates of Disrepair.
1, Applications for Disrepair Certificates21
Notices of Proposal to issue Certificates19
Undertakings accepted8
Undertakings refused3
Certificates issued10
2. Applications for cancellation of Disrepair Certificates24
Cancellations issued13
Cancellations refused12
3. Applications for Certificates as to remedying of defects329
Certificates issued-all defects remedied018
Certificates issued-some defects remedied413
Complaints; Number received at Office3,221
Dangerous Structures:
No. premises notified to District Surveyor69
Drains; No. tested with smoke1,143
No. found defective138
No. of plans on which observations submitted155
Fireguards Tested; (Electric heaters)4
Land Charges: No. of premises reported upon2,769
Pharmacy & Poisons: No. of samoles taken3
Public Houses: No. of premises reported on to Licensing Justices35
Pag Flock and Other Filling Materials Act: No. of samples taken1
Wastage of Water: No. of premises notified to Metropolitan Water Board31
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