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Stepney 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Chemical Sampling of Foodstuffs.
Samples submitted for analysis to the Public Analyst numbered 387
for the year. The Report of the Public Analyst appears on pages 46 to 48.
Sxoort Certificates.
Eighty certificates were issued in respect of the examination of a
variety of foodstuffs exported to the United States, South America,
Canada, Sweden, Italy, Norway and Malta.
The issue of these certificates necessitates inspection of the foodstuffs
to be exported, and, on occasion, samples are taken for analysis
before a certificate is issued. Where necessary, investigation is made
into the method of production.
Ice Cream.
Although there are 23 premises in the Borough registered for the
manufacture of ice cream, only three were used for this purpose during
the year. These were inspected from time to time under the Ice Cream
(Heat Treatment, &c.) Regulations, 1959, and no contravention of the
Regulations was found.
Three samples of ice cream submitted for chemical analysis showed
fat content exceeding 10.5 per cent.

Twenty-two samples of ice cream were subjected to the Methylene Blue reduction test, with the following results

in Borough:outside Borough
Grade I 3(-)12 (14)15 (14)
" II 1(1)2 (-)3 (1)
" III 3(1)- (-)3 (1)
" IV 1 (6)- (-)1 (6)
(The figures in parenthesis are those for I960).
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The four unsatisfactory (grade III & IV) samples were all taken from
the same manufacturers who have themselves been submitting samples for
examination in order to trace the cause of the low standards. This department
has been kept informed of the results of their investigations. An
intensive study of all the likely sources of contamination is at present
continuing in order to overcome the problem.
Legal Proceedings.

Summonses dealt with by the Public Health Inspectors (Food) during the year, were as follows;-

No. of SummonsesFinesCosts
Food and Drugs Act, 1955.2£25. 0. 0.£8.13. 0.
Factories Act, 1937.215. 0. 0.7. 0. 0.
4£40. 0. 0.£15.13. 0.
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