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Stepney 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Notices Served.

Notices served during the year under the various Acts and Byelaws, were as follows

Intimation NoticesStatutory Notices
Public Health (London) Act, 1936
Section 823821,156
" 40-111
" 10910
Factories Acts, 1937 & 194835
Prevention of Damage by Pests Act, 1949: Section 4-35
London County Council (General Powers) Act, 1955 Stopped-up Drains, etc.-177
London County Council (General Powers) Act, 1954 Dustbins-65
London County Council (Water Closet) Byelaws-2
London County Council (Poultry Slaughterhouses) Byelaws-13
London County Council (Drainage) Byelaws-35
Stepney Council (Staircase Lighting) Byelaws-13
Stepney Council (Yard Paving) Byelaws-2
Stepney Council (Storage Cisterns) Byelaws-3
Stepney Council (Hairdressers) Byelaws20-
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Refuse Disposal.
The Public Cleansing Officer has kindly supplied the following
information on refuse disposed of during the years-
House and Trade refuse - 37,190 Tons
Street and Market refuse - 9.262 "
Where possible refuse collection is cajjried out by means of "Paladin"
containers, mainly from blocks of flats throughout the Borough. - This
method was adopted in 1955, since when over 600 of these containers have
been installed.
The Cleansing Department carried out 22,935 cleansings of 5,192 street
gullies by means of mechanical gully emptiers.

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