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Stepney 1961

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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The Council is empowered by Section 47 of the National Assistance
Act, 1948, as amended by the National Assistance (Amendment)Act, 1951,
to make application to a Court of Summary Jurisdiction for an Order for
the removal to a hospital or institution of any aged, infirm or physically
incapacitated person living in insanitary conditions and who is in need of
care and attention.

During the year, it was necessary to apply for three Removal Orders and one Extension Order under this enactment in respect of the following persons:-

AgeRemoved toRemarks
Miss M.H.74HospitalOrder for 3 weeks, (Died).
Miss B.B.72InstitutionOrder for 3 months (Extension Order)for transfer from Hospital to Institution. (Died).
Mrs. M.C.76HospitalOrder for 3 weeks. (Died).
Mrs. R.S.80HospitalOrder for 3 weeks. (Still away).
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In addition to those persons removed under Magistrate's Orders,
admission to hospital or institution was obtained for 23 other persons.
Two women officers, one of whom is a State Registered Nurse and
certificated Health Visitor, are employed for visiting aged persons in
the Borough, and 3,748 visits were made by these officers during the year.
A register of all old persons visited is kept in the Department.
Amendments made to the register during the year are as follows:-
Number on register at 1st January, 1961 1,850
Additions during the year 547
Removals during the year 266
Number on register at 31st December, 1961 2,131
The Department continued operating its Laundry Service (begun in
1951) for the chronic sick who are unable by reason of ill-health,
senility, etc. to keep their personal laundry and bed-linen in a clean
condition. During the year, 455 parcels of laundry were dealt with.
The facilities of the laundry were augmented during the year by the
installation of a hydro-extractor.
In order to prevent injury, or danger of injury, to health, section
43 of the London County Council (General Powers) Act, 1953, operated by
the Borough Council, makes provision for the personal cleansing in their
own homes of aged persons who are verminous or otherwise in need of
bathing. 801 baths were given to 87 old people during the year by the
Council's Home Bathing Service, which was inaugurated in 1950.

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