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Stepney 1939

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Diphtheria immunisation.—The year's report on the Council's Clinic is as
(a) Total number of clinics held 43
(b) Total number of all attendances of children at same (either for
Schick or Immunisation) 1119
(c) Number of Primary Schick tests 186
(d) Number of Final Schick tests 343
{&) Number of Immunisation Inoculations given 344
(/) Number of Immunisation Certificates given 311
(g) Number of individuals who have attended the clinic for the
first time during the year 198
(h) Number aged 12 months and under when they made first
attendance 8
(i) Number aged 1 year to 5 years inclusive when they made first
attendance 86
(j) Number aged 6 years to 14 years inclusive when they made
first attendance 100
(,k) Number of adults, viz., from 15th birthday upwards who
attended 4
(I) Number who failed to return for reading of first Schick 4
(m) Number who began but failed to complete their immunisation
doses 54
(«) Number who failed to come for final Schick (or for reading of
final Schick) 27
(o) Number found immune after first Schick and not therefore
inoculated 31
(p) Number found to be still susceptible after one complete course 4
(q) Number of latter given a second course 4
(r) Number of (q) found immune after second course 4
(s) Number still in course of treatment at end of year and not yet
completed 120
(t) Number of cases notified as diphtheria in the Borough during
the year who were found to have been immunised at the
Borough clinic at any time 0
(m) Number of cases"(from t) found to be suffering from Diphtheria 0
(v) Number removed from Borough before treatment completed
Indefinite owing to evacuation
Bug Eradication.—The furniture and effects of 218 families were treated
at the Council's Disinfesting Station in the H.C.N. Fumigation Chamber, before
being rehoused, and the bedding was dealt with by steam disinfection. Of
this number 10 were done for the Stepney Housing Trust, thus leaving a total
of 208 for families rehoused in Council flats.