London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Stepney 1939

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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W. E. Anstee.J. H. Brownlee.J. J. Coveney.W. Cue.R. W. G. DayG. D. Freeland.C. F. Guy.J W. H. Haworthj W. H. Howard.J. Keniry.S. Lowther.j J. G. McCarthy.| R. Roper.W. F. Smith.W. T. Twynham.E. P. Webber.Totals.
Animals kept so as to constitute a nuisance, removed-34---3--2--16-120
Bakehouses: No. of cleansings of1461012151814126101016414161
Cisterns cleansed, covered and repaired1023102515714618_5169
Dampness in premises remedied12323217183197278290201442653361851572613161503,487
Drains—Cleansed or repaired473032428925743063452853452555119802
Constructed or reconstructed2315251934112822421317_120270
Dust receptacles provided4123375791698925107912910211405986975
Number of dwelling rooms cleansed18330552442097448255433311591777446753164863994638,194
Houses ventilated beneath the lower floor321475219153
Improved light and ventilation provided to rooms4413121516313558
Manure receptacles provided or reconstructed112------------4
Offensive accumulations removed81519322273825816141324284846354