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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Public Health (Tuberculosis) Regulations, 1930. Ministry of Health. Form T.137

PART I—Summary of Notifications during the period from the 1st January, 1938, to the 31st December, 1938,in the area of the Metropolitan Borough of STEPNEY.

Age periodsFormal Notifications. Number of Primary Notifications of new cases of TuberculosisTotal Notifications.
0—1—5—10—15—20—25—35—45—55—65—Total (all ages)
Pulmonary Males-6351725333637276195239
„ Females242213131687427393
Non-pulmonary Males125135231112525
,, „ Females21116231132123


PART II.—New cases of Tuberculosis coming to the knowledge of the Medical Officer of Health during the above-mentioned period, otherwise than by formal notification.

Age periods0—1—5—10-15—20— 25—35—45—55—65—Total
Pulmonary Males__1_-441011425
„ Females---1-11214-10
Non-pulmonary Males---1-11--3
„ „ Females-2--22----6

The source or sources from which information as to the above-mentioned cases was obtained is stated below:—

Source of Information.No. of Cases.
Death Returnsfrom local Registrars--
transferable deaths from Registrar General--
Posthumous notifications122
" Transfers " from other areas (other than transferable deaths)237
Other Sources--


Number of cases of Tuberculosis remaining at the 31st December, 1937, on the Registers of Notifications kept by the Medical Officer of Health.PulmonaryNon-pulmonaryTotal Cases
Number of cases removed from the Register(s) during the year by reason inter alia of :— 1. Withdrawal of notification5383-311
2. Recovery from disease2416407101757
3. Death (all causes)107511587512170
4. therwise : " Transfers" to other areas7544119111425144