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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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198 Detention Notices and 224 Release Notices were issued during the year in respect of the undermentioned foodstuffs:—

Article.Detention Notices.Release Notices.
Quantity.No. of notices.Weight.Quantity.No. of notices.Weight.
Mutton23,271 carcases.62-23,271 carcases.62-
Tallow1,759 casks.3670312003,789 casks.1041,5151200
Sugar Sweepings133 bags.28116110109 bags.1091421
Miscellaneous foodstuffs (flood damaged)1,385 packages.23-459 packages.17
Sugar398 bags.161911021390 bags.1519000
Walnuts (shelled)95 cases.42811642 cases.111116
Ox Tongues263 tins.48017-
Raisins479 boxes.351930774 boxes.391330
Cocoa704 bags.2441238703 bags (repkd.)2447225
Sausages6 cases.23106 cases.2310
Assorted Meats1,470 tins.211913_
Pearl Barley100 bags.15000
Crab1,331 tins.1602-
Meat Extract44 cases.12400-
Victoria Plums1,872 tins.1119216-
Drained Cherries1 case.1200-
Tomatoes1,106 tins.1500-
Liquid Glucose1 barrel.15020-
Grape Fruit Juice90 barrels.12714001 barrel.1300
Peaches96 tins.1501680 tins.1414
Grape Juice22 barrels.1111522422 barrels.41115224
Oranges300 tins.11014
Tomato Puree78 tins.111900-
Dried Pears33 boxes.1700-
Cocoa Sweepings1 bag.127
Onions256 boxes.116000158 boxes.191720
Grapes851 barrels.12215316655 barrels.1165310