London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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W. E. Anstee.J. H. Brownlee.J.J. Coveney.W. Cue.R. W. G. DayG. D. Freeland.H. J. Green.C. F. Guy.W. H. HaworthW. H. Howard.J. Keniry.S. Lowther.J. G. McCarthy.R. RoperW. F. Smith.W. T. Twynham.E. P. Webber.Totals.
No. of gutters and rain-water pipes fixed or repaired76442814012512617382707450856382109261,200
No. of repairs to roofs90114722783511164513095228871281238215590532,237
Sink, bath and lavatory pipes fixed or repaired108984169138355925787812018443557594321,368
Smoke nuisances abated121229553-1-----1012-80
Urinals fixed or repaired2171075-1611276997203184171
Verminous rooms cleansed-6026225762431135628-7353992701
Waterclosets—Cleansed or repaired47111511101091171746410057771269014838142611,622
„ Light and ventilation provided22494-132116-10--6313309214
„ Pans and traps fixed2951891906333574565391276535864971191,213
„ Provision or repair of flushing apparatus235356655329623665100127776911238108321,105
Water supply to houses reinstated or repaired-23917148129218116163824264246
Yards, areas and forecourts cleansed, paved, or paving repaired75352163829246284144852345136432753
Floors,windows, staircases, fireplaces and coppers repaired222147201355492209192247174416193419472157240259534,448