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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Outworkers.—The net number of outworkers on the Register is 2,161 and they are engaged in the trades as follows:-

Making, cleaning, etc., of wear ing apparel2,042Invisible mending1
Umbrellas18Christmas crackers8
Boots and shoes33Art needlework1
Boxes12Leather goods3
Flag making1Ties3
Christmas cards1Toys1
Carnival novelties1Pattern making3
Artificial flowers3Paper garlands1
Handbags3Fancy goods1
Feather curling2

The number of inspections made to outworkers' premises was 581.
Notifiable diseases occurred in 82 premises.
There are 93 firms in the Borough employing outworkers, and of these
firms 84 sent in lists twice in the year and 9 once. These related to a net
number of 1,754 outworkers, of which 1,053 were resident in the Borough and
701 were transferred to other Districts.
In addition, 484 lists relating to a net number of 1,108 outworkers were
received from other Boroughs during the year.

The number of factories in the Borough without mechanical power is as follows:-

Boot, shoe and slipper making63-
Cabinet making74
Hat and cap manufacturers49
Rag sorting, etc.52
Wearing apparel (tailors, milliners, dressmakers, etc., etc.)887

In addition there are 1,787 factories in the Borough with mechanical
Rag Flock Acts.—4 inspections were made during the year to premises
subject to the provisions of the Rag Flock Acts.
Cowsheds.—There are 17 cowsheds in the Borough. During the year 98
inspections were made to the cowsheds, and it was found necessary to serve
18 notices for minor matters.
Offensive Businesses.—There are 45 authorised Offensive Businesses in
the Borough, i.e., 1 Knacker's Yard, 1 Soap Boiler, 2 Tripe Boilers, 5 Dressers
of Fur Skins and 36 Slaughterers of Poultry. 384 inspections were made to
these premises during the year and 11 notices were served for minor matters.