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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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allowed to continue. Under the old act, provision was made to permit alteration
to make an underground bakehouse fit before issuing a certificate. Under
the new Act, if an underground bakehouse is found unfit on inspection, no
power is given by the Act to permit alterations to make it fit so as to enable
the certificate to continue. Unfit bakehouses must close in a specified time,
not less than one month. Fit bakehouses may continue, but without prejudice,
and at a future examination may be held unfit and closed. A basement bakehouse
not used for a year may not be used again. A basement bakehouse
not in use on the 30th July, 1937 may not be used again. In the year beginning
1st July, 1938, and in every fifth year, examinations of Underground Bakehouses
must be carried out.
The Act requires the Medical Officer of Health to report specifically' in
his Annual Report re matters under Part 1 and Part 8 of the Act.

1.—Inspectionstor purposes of provisions as to health (including inspections made by Sanitary Inspectors).

Premises.Number of
Inspections.Written Notices.Occupiers prosecuted.
Factories with mechanical power1,800256-
Factories without mechanical power602285-
† Other Premises under the Act (including works of building and engineering construction but not including outworkers'premises)33465-

† Electrical Stations should be reckoned as factories.

2.—Defects Found.

ParticularsNumber of DefectsNumber of defects in respect of which Prosecutions were instituted
FoundRemediedReferred to H.M. Inspector
Want of cleanliness (S.1)1961924-
Overcrowding (S. 2)33--
Unreasonable temperature (S. 3)88--
Inadequate ventilation (S. 4)33332-
Ineffective drainage of floors (S. 6)44--
Sanitary Conveniences (S. 7)insufficient6767--
unsuitable or defective179179--
not separate for sexes4848--
Other nuisances ...183183-
Other offences (Not including offences relating to Homework or offences under the Sections mentioned in the Schedule to the Ministry of Health (Factories and Workshops Transfer of Powers) Order, 1921, and re-enacted in the Third Schedule to the Factories Act, 1937.)29-29-