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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Scavenging.—I am informed by the Public Cleansing Officer that there
have been no alterations during the year in the Cleansing Services controlled
by the Public Cleansing Department.
Shops Act, 1934.—1,543 inspections were carried out during the year.
It was found necessary to serve 27 notices, i.e., 6 with respect to sanitary
accommodation, 8 to ventilation, and 13 with respect to temperature. No
applications were received for exemption under Section 10 (2) of the Act.
Pharmacy and Poisons Act, 1933.—87 persons are entered in the List
of Persons entitled to sell Poisons included in part II of the Poisons List.
274 inspections and visits were made by the sanitary inspectors during the
Smoke Nuisances.—464 observations were made by the Sanitary Inspectors
for the detection of nuisances from smoke, which necessitated the serving
of 25 Intimations for the abatement of the nuisance.
Complaints.—2,392 written complaints were made to me during the
year, which were duly investigated. Of these, 60 were from H.M. Inspector
of Factories relating to workshops, 96 from the London County Council
respecting verminous school children, and 2,236 related to the condition of
houses, etc. In addition, numerous complaints were made to the Sanitary
Drainage.—The Sanitary Inspectors supervise all drainage work. Full
particulars as to the work done by them are given on pages 47 and 48. 2,707
drains were tested during the year. Of these, 542 were found to be defective.
Rats and Mice.—During the year 750 complaints were received as to
nuisances from rats or mice. As a consequence 743 drains were tested and
in 210 instances they were found to be defective. 499 complaints were
forwarded to the Borough Engineer and Surveyor, so that the Council's
ratcatchers could call and assist the tenants concerned.
The Borough Engineer and Surveyor has kindly supplied the following
information as to work carried out during the year by his department.
Record of Rat Destruction carried, out by the Council's Ratcatchers from
1st January to 31 st December.
No. of premises visited 1,408
„ „ visits 18,687
„ „ dead rats found poisoned 48
„ „ rats caught in our traps 1,674*
„ „ premises cleared of rats as reported by the
Occupiers 374
„ „ new rat complaints during this period 596
*1,327 of these were actually brought into the Depot and destroyed.
The poisons used were as follows:-
Rodine 41,487 cubes.
Barium carbonate 38,856 „
Phosphor paste 23,063 „
Extract of Squills 27,831 portions (2 oz.)