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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Provision of Milk and Meals to Expectant and Nursing Mothers and Children.—The following table shows the approximate quantity and cost of milk, etc., distributed during the year:—

No. of Grants authorised.Quantity.Cost.
Cows' Milk—£s.d.
Free9,09931,798 gals.3,3952
Half-Price241831½ „451
Free2,1039,335½ pkts.7390
Half-Price50222 „8103
Virol, etc.—
Free3,8753,8551½ lbs.242135
Half-Price101101 „325
9,557½ pkts.
3,956½ lbs.

The number of dinners supplied by the Stepney Invalid Kitchen, White
Horse Road, on the grounds of health, to expectant and nursing mothers
who are in necessitous circumstances, was 3,126, at a cost to the Council of
£104 4s. Od.
Home Helps.—The number of cases in which home helps have been
provided under the Borough Council's Scheme has increased from 15 in 1936,
which was the first complete year of working the Scheme, to 65 during the
year under review.
The scheme has worked smoothly during the year and in no case has
there been any serious complaint from mother or home help. The Council's
panel of home helps consists of 13 women.
Artificial Sunlight Treatment.—The arrangements with the London
County Council to provide artificial sunlight treatment at St. Peter's Hospital
for children attending the local municipal centre, were extended to the Mile
End Hospital. 72 children received such treatment free of cost, compared
with 9 last year.
Maternity Nursing.—As the London County Council have now established
a Maternity Nursing Scheme in conjunction with their Municipal Midwives
Scheme, the Borough Council's Maternity Nursing Scheme may now be little
Child Life Protection.—Total visits of the eleven Child
Protection Visitors to homes of foster mothers 164
Total visits of the eleven Child Protection Visitors to foster
children 247
Other visits made by these visitors 165