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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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Midwives.—There are 4 Midwives practising in the Borough, and in
addition there are 31 employed by the voluntary associations, and one Midwife
employed by the London County Council under the Municipal Midwives
All the midwives are under the supervision of the London County Council.

Laboratory facilities.—The number of bacteriological examinations made at the Mile End Hospital on behalf of the Public Health Department during the year was2,514.These consisted of:-

No. Positive.No. Negative.Totals.
Swabs (for Diphtheria bacilli)1932,2062,399
Blood (for Typhoid bacilli)-1616
Faeces (for Dysentery)3710

There were 773 specimens of sputum examined at the Tuberculosis
Dispensaries. 174 of these were found to be positive.
During the year, the laboratory of the Main Dispensary at Devonport
Street was equipped for the culturing of specimens of sputum. Suspicious
specimens, which give a negative result on direct examination, are now
cultured on Lowenstein-Jensen medium. This test is a valuable aid to the
accurate determination of sputum positive cases.

Hospital Facilities.—The following is a list of the hospital facilities in the Borough, showing particulars of each:-

Situation,No. of Beds.In-patients admitted during the year.Out-patients No. dealt with during the year.Purpose.Management
London Hospital, Whitechapel RoadMale 35015,213New patientsGeneral and Maternity.Voluntary.
Female 39298,419
Children 79Attendances
Other 70517,988
Mile End Hospital Bancroft Road4667,131Ante-natal 930General and Maternity.L.C.C.
Other 18,211
St. George's-in-the-East Hospital, Raine Street.4104,425Ante-natal 257General. and Maternity.L.C.C.
Other 10,721
St. Peter's Hospital, Vallance Road.4084,2745,665General.L.C.C.
South Grove Institution, South Grove.597Public , AssistanceL.C.C.
London Jewish Hospital, Stepney Green.Male 411,559New patients 13,250 Attendances 78,635General.Voluntary.
Female 51
Children 12
Other 5
Princess Elizabeth of York Hospital for Children, Glamis Road.Children 1351,821Attendances 48,753General.Voluntary.
East End Maternity Hospital, Commercial Road.591,4011,290Maternity.Voluntary.
Bearstead Memorial Hospital, Underwood Road. (Late Jewish Maternity Hospital).Maternity beds 34562Midwifery 13Maternity.Voluntary.
Maternity 6
Anti-natal 540
Post-natal 226