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Stepney 1938

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Stepney]

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London Hospital (BIShopsgate 8333), Whitechapel, E.l.
Medical Weekdays, Men, 1; Throat, Nose and Ear Mon., Tu., Th., Fri., 9.
Women, 2. Skin Tu., Th., Men, 8.30 a m,
Surgical Weekdays, 1. Women, 10.
Diseases of Women Wed., 1; Sat., 9. Teeth Mon. to Fri., 9.
Obstetric Tu., Wed., 9. Orthopaedic Tu., Fri., 9.
Antenatal GenitoUrinary Wed., Th., 1; Fri., 8.30;
Sat., Men, 9, Women, 10.
Children's Dept. Tu., Wed., Fri., 9. Electrical Mon., Tu., Wed., Fri., 9.
Eye Mon., Wed., Th., Heart Mon., Th., 1.
Sat., 9. Nervous Mon., Wed., 1.30.
New patients should attend the receiving room of the Hospital 30 minutes before the
times mentioned.
Princess Elizabeth of York Hospital for Children (STEpney Green 33413342), Shadwell, E.l.
Medical Mon. Th., 12; Skin Th., 910.
Tu., Fri., Sat., 910. Teeth Th., 12.
Surgical Tu., Sat., 910; Orthopaedic Wed., 12.
Wed., Th., 12. GenitoUrinary Th., 12.
Eye Mon., 12. Plastic Surgery Wed., 10.30 by
Throat, Nose and Mon., 12; Fri., 910. Rheumatism Fri., 12.
Nervous and Mental Mon., Tu., 12. Whooping Cough Th., 910.
Facilities for outpatients are also always available at the London County Council
Mile End Hospital, Bancroft Road;
St. GeorgeintheEast Hospital, Raine Street;
St. Peter's Hospital, Vallance Road.
The addresses of the child welfare centres and antenatal clinics, etc., are as follows
Centres : Bearsted Memorial Hospital, Underwood
St. Phillip's Institute, Newark Street.
Jewish Mothers' Welcome, Bernard
Baron Settlement, Berner Street.
St. George's Town Hall, Cable Street.
Riverside Mansions, New Gravel Lane.
Stepney Infant Welfare Centre, St.
Matthew's Hall, 86a White Horse
17, Rhondda Grove.
East Stepney Jewish Centre, 1, Beaumont
Hughes Mansions, Vallance Road.
12, St. Clare Street, Minories.
Jewish Infant Welfare Centre, Bernard
Baron Settlement, Berner Street.
Memorial Hall,The Highway, Shadwell.
Limehouse Town Hall, Commercial
Dame Colet House, 10 and 29, Duckett
Mission Hall, Carr Street.
AnteNatal Limehouse Town Hall, Commercial
Clinics: Road.
St. George's Hospital, Raine Street.
Hughes Mansions, Vallance Road.
London Hospital, Whitechapel.
East End Maternity Hospital, 396,
Commercial Road.
Mile End Hospital, Bancroft Road.
Jewish Maternity Hospital, 24, Underwood
Creches : Marie Hilton Creche, Stepney Causeway.
St. Paul's Day Nursery, Wellclose
Jewish Day Nursery, 23, New Road.
Day Nursery, Memorial Hall, The
Highway, Shadwell.
Port of London Day Nursery, 5, Pier
Head, Wapping.
Full particulars as to the areas and times of sessions of all the above centres can be
obtained from Medical Officer of Health, 43, White Horse Road, E.l.
PUBLIC ASSISTANCE. The addresses of the day relief stations serving the Borough of Stepney
Hanbury Street, Whitechapel, E.l; Barnes Street, Limehouse, E.14;
Raine Street, Wapping, E.l.; Bancroft Road, Mile End, E.l.
A night and weekend duty office to deal with applications after the normal office hours
is established at—
Hanbury Street relief station;
Harley College, Bow Road, E.3;
and 86, High Street, Poplar, E.14.