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Shoreditch 1958

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch]

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Details of treatment carried out are as follows -

Business premisesDwellings.
Warfarin trays laid316360168709
Traps set82855826128
No, of manholes baitedApril. 416October. 419
4th day.8th day.4th day.8th day.
Complete takes - poison bait415_
Partial takes - poison bait11494149151
No takes - poison bait298521267288
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During the year the nuisance from pigeons has increased. The Council
granted permission to a specialist pigeon trapper to trap the pigeons which
were causing a nuisance in the Borou^i. This work was carried out without
any charge to the Council and the trapper worked under the general direction
of the Chief Public Health Inspector.
This arrangement has not worked out very satisfactorily during the year
owing to the failure of the trapper to carry out orders, and in consequence
of his failure to obey instructions this arrangement was determined after
consultation with the Town Clerk.Investigations are proceeding to make
other arrangements for the trapping of pigeons.
Several complaints regarding nuisances from noise were made during
the year. In all cases a satisfactory arrangement was made in connection
with the use of machinery after inspections had been made by the Public
Health Inspect or.
Routine duties in connection with Food Hygiene during the year were
interrupted due to the resignation of the Specialist Inspector in August
1958. Every endeavour was made by the Chief Public Health Inspector
and existing staff to carry on the duties of Food Inspection work during

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