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Shoreditch 1953

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch]

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Regular inspections of School kitchens and canteens were made during the
vear and the high standard with regard to cleanliness and equipment was
maintained. No outbreaks of food poisoning or intestinal disorders occurred
at schools in the borough during the year.
There now remain only two premises at which ice cream is manufactured in
the Borough. Ice cream retailers now obtain ice cream from the larger
manufacturers and in most cases it is wrapped or pre-paoked.
The 106 factory and warehouse canteens in the Borough were inspected at
regular intervals during the year. A good standard of hygiene was maintained.
A new "Notice to food-handlers and persons employing food-handlers" was
compiled and brought up-to-date, giving information to the trade of the
requirements of the County of London By-Laws for the Protection of Food which
came into operation in November, 1952. This leaflet was distributed to all
food traders in the Borough. A simplified leaflet outlining the main
essentials of a safe food service was also generally distributed to the general
The campaign to combat the fly nuisance was continued. By arrangement,
and with the co-operation of the Transport and Cleansing Superintendent, all
dustbins and dust chutes were dusted during the fly-breeding season with
Gammexane after the receptacles had been emptied by the Counoil's dustmen.
Owners of blocks of flats were again encouraged to take action against
flies by purchasing insecticide supplied by the Public Health Department at
cost price. Fly sprays were also sold to occupiers of food premises.
On inspection of food premises in the Borough it was noticeable that
infestations by flies were very slight. Observations were kepc on bombed
sites and action was taken to prevent putrescible matter, which hau been
illegally deposited on the sites, from becoming a medium for fly breeding, and
many offensive deposits, such as dead cats, dogs and other putrescible matter
were disinfected and removed.
Generally the incidence of flies during the year was noticeably very low.
Free washing facilities are installed in every public sanitary
convenience in the Borough. These facilities are being made use of by an
increasing number of users of the conveniences and are gradually becoming a
regular feature in the use of the public conveniences.