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Shoreditch 1933

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Shoreditch]

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The resident staff of the Nursery is as follows : Matron (Miss Faraker),
two Nurses, one of whom has had a Children's (S.R.N.), and one Day
Nursery Training, twelve Probationers, Day Nursery Teacher, who holds
fully trained Froebel Certificate, and Cook.
The cleaning and laundry staff are non-resident.
Dr. Morton's Report upon the Year's Work at the Nursery
is as Follows:—
1933-34 has been a constructive year. Many improvements have taken
place, but of immediate Medical interest are:—
1. Building extension to accommodate 20 Toddlers (2-3 years).
2. Improved dieting (Protein ratio increased).
3. Additional heating installation.
4. Increase of permanent staff (a) assistant nursery teacher, (b)
fied assistant—Ultra Violet Dept.
5. Installation of Mercury Vapour Lamp.
6. Introduction of standard approved uniform garments for babies and
Worthy of note is, I think the comparative freedom of the children from
Diphtheria. There have been no cases this year and I think only three, of
which two were bacteriological, in my previous two years' office.
The early incidence of measles prevented the children going to the
country throughout the summer and autumn, but needy cases are now being
sent in rotation.
Dental caries, so much a popular topic, has received some consideration.
Out of interest, I chose 12 toddlers at random who had been with us 3-4 years.
The teeth were carefully scrutinized and results found as follows:—
1. No child had to date required dental attention.
2. Eight children had sound, evenly spaced teeth with no suggestion of
3. The remaining four only shewed small pin pricks of decay in one or
at most two teeth. In one there was a small cavity.
This result I considered favourable. It is perhaps well to mention that
all these children had been given ultra violet radiation.
I think the nursery toddlers compare favourably with those I see at
Welfares. I believe that at 5 years they start better equipped—probably
6 months ahead of outside children—mentally and physically.