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Willesden 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Willesden]

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Table 80

Return of Handicapped Pupils (Year Ended 31st December, 1960)

Ascertainment Distribution

(as at last day of Year)

CategoryNo. of ascertained Cases known 1st day of YearNo. of New Cases ascertained during yearNo. of ascertained Cases known last day of YearIn Special Day SchoolsIn Special Residential SchoolsIn Maintained Primary and Secy. SchoolsIn Independent SchoolsNot at SchoolTotal
Blind Pupils-2---1_-_--1-------1
Partially-Sighted Pupils13111-10119912------1011
Deaf Pupils921936231------93
Partially Deaf Pupils43-7-6-1-------7-
Delicate Pupils Diabetic Pupils3410993111412581111--3111
Educ. Sub-normal Pupils7563141074616457104------7461
Epileptic Pupils21-1------1
Maladjusted Pupils43151354214-132812111--4214
Physically Handicapped Pupils23171243018281811*-3018
Pupils with Speech Defects3571314835377153---374150--33377153
Pupils with Multiple Defects382211372234223-------3722
Grand Totals: 196087116691226076535347912
match: ALTO ComposedBlock
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*Receiving home tuition.
Boys Girls
Children not ascertained as handicapped pupils, but recommended for convalescence in a holiday home or camp school 60 47

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