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Willesden 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Willesden]

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Table 39 Food premises: Defects remedied

DefectsOutstanding at 31.12.59Found during the yearTotalRemedied during yearOutstanding at 31.12.60
Inadequate lighting and ventilation51318126
Inadequate washing facilities458622636
Inadequate refuse storage634402218
Unsatisfactory or insufficient sanitary accommodation858665313
Inadequate storage accommodation15651
Defective walls, ceilings or floors271081359540
Dirty walls, ceilings or floors3626630226834
Inadequate first aid materials1161698
Unsatisfactory conditions2828235
Any other defects3014817813741
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Table 40 Food premises: Registration

Premises on register 31.12.59Applications receivedApplications grantedApplications refusedPremises removed from register during 1960Total on register at 31.12.60
1. Sale and storage of ice cream3403131-54317324
2. Manufacture of ice cream8---17
3. Manufacture of preserved food13766-15128
4. Fish curing1----1
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Table 41

Food unit for human consumption

MeatBread, flour, cereals, etc.80 lbs.
Bacon207 lbs.Preserves38½ lbs.
Cooked13½ lbs.Cheese237 lbs.
Tinned2,002¼ lbs.Tinned milk404 tins
Raw1,020¼ lbs.Butter and fats32½ lbs.
Tinned283 tinsDried fruit54 lbs.
Raw23 lbs.Dried vegetables27½ lbs.
Fish paste28 jars
PoultryFrankfurter sausages27 tins
Frozen86 lbs.Frozen food (miscellaneous)44 lbs.
VegetablesGrapefruit juice2 tins
Jelly19 pkts.
Tinned877 tinsMilk powder280 lbs.
Raw4,634 lbs.Minerals812 bottles
FruitSalad cream56 jars
Salt3 lbs.
Tinned2,712 tinsSauce12 bottles
Raw47 3/4lbs.Shelled nuts2½ lbs.
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