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Willesden 1926

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Willesden]

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Pathological and Bacteriological Examinations.
The agreement entered into by the Council with the Willesden General Hospital on the 1st
February, 1925, is still in operation. The agreement provides for the following:—
Examinations for Diphtheria Bacilli, Tubercle Bacilli, Meningococci, Gonococci, Pus
organisms, and other germs.
Blood examinations for Widal's reaction, or other reactions for Malaria or other conditions.
Bacteriological examination of urine, or other fluids.
Pathological examinations.
Generally any other Bacteriological or Pathological examinations which may be required
by a Medical Practitioner.
The procedure relative to the above mentioned examinations is as follows:—
(1) All swabs and other specimens are sent direct to the Pathologist, Willesden
General Hospital, Harlesden Road, N.W. 10.
(2) The Pathologist, Willesden General Hospital, notifies positive swabs direct to
Medical Practitioners by telegram or telephone.
(3) The Willesden General Hospital forwards to Medical Practitioners one sterile
swab to replace each swab sent for examination.
(4) All applications for the necessary outfits are made to the Pathologist, Willesden
General Hospital, Harlesden Road, N.W. 10.
Outfits for sending—
Swabs of suspected Diphtheritic exudate or discharge,
Blood from suspected Typhoid cases,
Sputum from suspected cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, and
Supplies of Diphtheria Anti-toxin may be obtained from any of the following depots night or
Kilburn Fire Station, Salusbury Road, N.W. 6.
Willesden Green Sub-Fire Station, near Public Library, Harlesden Road, N.W. 10.
Municipal Hospital, Brentfield Road, N.W. 10.
General Hospital, Harlesden Road, N.W. 10.
The above outfits and anti-toxin may be obtained during the day except Saturday afternoons
and Sundays from the following :—
Health Department, 54, Winchester Avenue, N.W. 6.
Municipal Clinic (1) No. 9, Willesden Lane, N.W. 6.
Municipal Clinic (2) No. 381, High Road, Willesden, N.W. 10.
Messrs. Beeson Bros., High Street, Harlesden, N.W. 10.

The following table shews the Chemical and Bacteriological examinations made during the year 1926:—

Table No. 12.

Nature of Specimens examined.Positive Result.Negative Result.Total.
1.Swabs for Diphtheria Bacilli8854,1835,068
2.Swabs for Diphtheria (Virulence Tests)18220
3.Blood for Widal Reaction12122
4.Sputum for Tubercle Bacilli90360450
5.Wassermann Test44
6.Swab for Meningococci1
7.Swabs for Gonococci2
8.Swabs—Puerperal Fever Organisms2
9.Swab for Bacillus Leprae1
10.Swab from Tonsil1
11.Swabs for Vincent's Angina1
12.Sputum for Organisms1
13.Cerebro-Spinal Fluid8
14.Fluid from Pleural Cavity3
16.Blood Culture7