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Willesden 1920

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Willesden]

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6. Summary of Additional Estimated Costs.

Lower Place Medical Inspection Centre as a Cleansing Centre37815070700
Bridge Road Medical Inspection Centre as a Dental Centre2400012200
Upper Flat, Ringworm Clinic, as a Dental Centre2965012200
Dental Suite, Clinic 1, used for Medical Purposes422002,277170
Dental Suite, Clinic 2, used for Medical Purposes317002.277170

7. Recommendations.
It is recommended that the above be carried out subject to the approval of the Ministry of
Health and Board of Education as required.
It will be some considerable time before the extension of Clinic 2 or the erection of the Stonebridge
Clinic is completed. At present the work of the Clinics is seriously hampered by an ever
increasing pressure. During the 4 weeks ended 12th June, 1920. which included the Whitsun Holidays,
6,384 medical attendances were recorded at the Clinic's as follows:—
Cleansing (Total 551) 275
Minor Ailments (Total 3,269) 1,635
Throat, Nose and Ear Diseases 566
Eye Diseases 544
Mothers and Infants 3,364
During the same time, on the basis of 60 patients per doctor per day, which is a high working
average, 4,800 attendances would have been made. The provision recommended in this report will
relieve the present congestion with a little to spare to meet increased work until enlarged or new
clinic premises have been provided as determined by the Council.
Medical Officer of Health.
To Householders and Shopkeepers in Willesden.
June, 1920.
Flies breed in manure, ashbin refuse and decaying matter.
A single fly lays about 500 eggs, which in hot weather will develop into full grown flies in
two to three weeks.
A great increase in the number of flies is noticeable in July, with a maximum in August and
Flies carry filth from manure heaps and human excrement to foodstuffs, especially fish, meat
and milk, in the pantry and shops.
The contamination of food is a common cause of Summer Diarrhcea, a very fatal disease
amongst young children.
Having regard to the dangers to health brought about by the presence of large numbers of
flies, the Health Committee urge on the people of Willesden the importance of the following rules:—
Do not purchase foodstuffs where flies are tolerated.
Do not allow your children to buy sweets or fruit from shops where flies abound.
Do not buy your milk from a Diary which is not kept free from flies.
Keep flies out of your house and out of your pantry.
Keep flies away from the milk by covering with white muslin.
Use fly catchers if necessary.
Be scrupulously clean in all things.
Cultivate personal cleanliness.
Cultivate cleanliness of the home.
Keep food and milk clean by storing in a clean, light, cool, dry and airy place.
Clean thoroughly and wash when possible all fruit and vegetables before consumption.
Burn as much waste as possible.
Keep the Dustbin clean, covered and dry.
Do not put into the Dustbin animal or vegetable matter likely to decompose and serve as a
breeding ground for flieS.
Keep manure heaps on allotments or elsewhere covered with earth.
By direction of the Health Committee,
Medical Officer of Health.