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Willesden 1902

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Willesden]

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Prior to the opening of the Small Pox Hospital,
at Kingsbury, the work thrown upon this department
was in excess of the facilities for dealing with it. The
purchase of a new brougham ambulance, a new
delivery van, two horses, renovating the old ambulance
and vans, enlarging of the stable and coach-house
accommodation, etc., have brought the station into a
state of efficiency.
As reported on former occasions, this station is
still far too small for the work falling to be dealt with.
A new disinfector is now in course of construction,
and it is hoped that this will place the department
on a footing equally satisfactory with that of
the ambulance station.
The present Washington Lyon disinfector if reerected
on a suitable site can be reserved for Small
Pox disinfection. It is economical and there are 110
objections to disinfecting for the whole district at the
Hospital station, but it is undesirable that articles
infected with Small Pox should be introduced into
the precincts of the Hospital.

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