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Wembley 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wembley]


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    Causes of Deaths during the Year.
    Causes of Death.Male.Female.1960. Total.
  • Page 10
    The Principal Causes of Death.
    Disease.Total Number of deaths.
  • Page 12
    Infantile Mortality. Deaths from stated causes at various ages under one year.
    Cause of death (extracted from weekly returns of local Registrars, and from inward transfers of Registrar-General).Under 1 week1—2 weeks2—3 weeks3—4 weeksTotal under one month1—3 months3—6 months6—9 months9—12 monthsTotal deaths under 1 year
  • Page 13
    Infantile Mortality, 1956-1960.
    Year.Wembley.England & Wales.
  • Page 13
    Rate per 1,000 total births (live and still), 1956-1960:—
    Year.Wembley.England & Wales
  • Page 19
    STATISTICAL APPENDIX B. Monthly incidence of the Infectious Diseases.
  • Page 19
    Winter Respiratory Diseases (October—March).
    Notifications of primary pneumonia and acute influenzal-pnjumonia.Death certificates in which respiratory dii eases mentioned.
  • Page 20
    Cases of infectious disease notified in Wards and removals to Hospitals.
    Disease.TotalAlpertonCentralChalk hillFryentThe HydeRoe GreenKentonPrestonSudbury CourtSudburyWembley ParkTokyngtonTotal removed to hospitalPercentage of cases removed to hospital
  • Page 21
    Notifications of Selected Infectious Diseases according to sex and age as finally diagnosed.
    Age Group.Scarlet Fever.Whooping Cough.Diphtheria.Measles.Dysentery.Poliomyelitis.Meningococcal infection.Age Group.Acute pneumonia.ErysipelasEncephalitisFood Poisoning.Typhoid FeverParatyphoid Fever.Postinfectious.
    Paralytic.Non-Paralytic.Acute infective.
  • Page 22
    Non-notifiable Infectious Diseases in School Children. Information obtained from the head teachers:—
    Disease.January.February.March.April.May.June.July.August.September.October.November.December.i Total.
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    No. of Notifications.
  • Page 23
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    No. of Deaths.
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    Bacteriological Service (at Central Public Health Laboratory).
    Examinations made.Quarter endingTotal for 12 months.
  • Page 30
    Overcrowding. The number of cases of overcrowding known to rhe Health Department has shown a steady decrease as the following figures indicate.
    Year.Number of Cases of overcrowding on Register.Total Number of Cases of overcrowding relieved during the year.Number of Cases of overcrowding relieved during the year by removal to unknown addresses.
  • Page 32
    Chemical Results in parts/million.
  • Page 33
    In the last report comment was made on the success achieved by the Colne Valley Water Co. in reducing, over the years, the hardness of water supplied to the Borough. I have included in this year's report a table showing the mean hardness figure for the past two years.
  • Page 34
    During the year 1960 various relief and replacement and new schemes of drainage were undertaken involving a capital sum of £260,000. Details of the schemes are included and, at the completion of these, adequate drainage can be said to be provided throughout the Borough.
    Name.Type.Estimated Expenditure.Remarks.
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    Name.Type.Estimated Expenditure.Remarks.
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    Slaughterhouse. There is one private Slaughterhouse licensed in the Borough. This was discontinued during the War and was brought back into operation in 1952. Particulars of inspections., etc., are as follows
    Carcases Inspected and Condemned.
    Cattle, excluding Cows.Cows.Calves.Sheep and Lambs.Pigs.
  • Page 46
    Factories. Number of factory premises — 451.
    Premises.Number of:—
    Inspections.Written Notices.Occupiers Prosecuted.
  • Page 46
    Defects found.
    Particulars.No. of defects:—
    Found.Remedied.Referred to H.M. Inspector.Referred by H.M Inspector.
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    Articles disinfected or destroyed:—
  • Page 49
    The Prevention of Damage by Pests Act, 1949.
  • Page 49
    Milk (Special Designations) Orders. Licences issued.
  • Page 49
    Samples of designated milk taken.
    No. of samples taken.No. not satisfactory.
  • Page 50
    Laboratory Examinations re Food, Milk and Water.
    Examinations madeQuarter endingTotal for 12 months
  • Page 50
    Food and Drugs Act, 1955. The Middlesex County Council are the Authority for the administration of this Act, and the Chief Officer of the Public Control Department has supplied the following particulars of sampling in Wembley during 1960:—
    Article.No. taken.Unsatisfactory.
  • Page 53
    Previously.End of 1960.