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Wembley 1954

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Wembley]

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4. SWIMMING POOLS. The two outdoor Swimming Pools
have continued to be a source of enjoyment and healthy recreation.
"Breakpoint" chlorination or superchlorination which was installed
just prior to the 1951 season has made it possible to maintain a
sparkling clear water, together with a minimum risk of infection.
Attendances at the Pools during the year were:—
Kingsbury 65,589
Vale Farm, Wembley 71,976
5. FOOD HYGIENE. The Food and Drugs Amendment
Act, 1954, is not yet operative but under Section 6 the Ministers
at some future date may make such regulations as appear to them
to be expedient for securing the observance of sanitary and cleanly
conditions and practices in connection with the sale of food for human
consumption; its importation, preparation, transport, storage, packaging,
wrapping, exposure for sale, or otherwise for the protection of
the public health. It is hoped that when this Act commences there
will be issued a series of bold and precise regulations which will
replace the inadequacies of the existing law.
So far as this Borough is concerned the food premises generally
are kept in a reasonably good and hygienic condition and the
managements are mostly co-operative in their endeavours to observe
the Council's "Clean Food" Byelaws. Various methods are adopted
for "protecting" food from contamination by dust, dirt and flies,
etc., particularly cooked meats, cheese, pies and cream products,
which are eaten without further cooking. In some cases the food is
covered by sheets of cellophane or muslin and in other cases glass
or perspex covers are provided. It is still, even with these precautions,
difficult to prevent the occasional fly getting into contact with
the food and until all food premises have refrigerated display counters
vigilance must continue. Until all employees are conscious of their
obligations, and practice in their daily routine a severe and hygienic
code, instruction, education and publicity must be our unrelenting
The Wembley Clean Food Association do much to augment the
activities of the Council's officers in this sphere. The high standard
of the code of practice which all members observe and which gives a
higher standard than is at present enforceable by law is deeply

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