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Romford 1913

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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2nd District—continued.

Total Number for Year.Notes, Results of Inspection, &c.
21No. of samples of milk taken for examination for cleanliness, etc.
22Filthy houses cleansed5
23Houses disinfected30
24Cases of overcrowding abated2
25New houses. No. of water certificates applied for
26No. of certificates granted
27Public wells sunk
28Privies. No. in district. No.9
abolished during the year12
29No. of pail closets145
30No. of W.C.'s with proper flushing arrangement979
31No, of hand-flushed W.C.'s.39
32Animals improperly kept removed18
33Samples of water taken for analysis5
34Compensation paid for bedding, clothing, etc., destroyed
35Seizures of unsound food
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Sanitary Inspector.

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