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Romford 1913

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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Summary of fiction taken during the year to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

NoDate.Locality.Disease.Action Taken.Result.
1.Jan. 4.DagenhamScarlet FeverOne case. Origin obscure. Removed.No other case.
2.„ 11.DagenhamScarlet FeverOne case. Contact with a case in New Road. Removed.No other case.
3.„ 14.DagenhamScarlet FeverOne case in a farmhouse, where milk is sent awav to London. Removed. Contact with milk from anyone in house discontinued for a fortnight. Removed.No other case.
4.„ 15Great WarleyScarlet FeverOne case in a large private house. Isolated at home. Room and bedding in disinfection. In hospital. Disinfected.No other case.
5.„ 20.UpminsterScarlet FeverOne case. A return ease. Removed.No other case.
6.„ 28.Emerson ParkScarlet FeverOne case. Contracted in London. Removed.No other case.
7.Feb. 6.UpminsterScarlet FeverOne case. Infection presumably brought from London. Removed.No other case.
8.„ 10.Chadwell HealthDiphtheriaOne case. Local sanitary defect. Removed.No other case.
9.„ 11.Brentwood RoadScarlet FeverOne case notified. Not confirmed.
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