London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Romford 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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No.Date.Locality.Disease.Source of Disease. Action taken.Result.
85Sep.19Upminster CommonScarlet FeverOne case. Sister of woman removed Sept. 5th. RemovedNo other case
86„ 19Hay Green, HornchurchScarlet FeverOne case. Removed. A case not removed was notified from near here on Aug. 3rd
87„ 20Vicarage Road, DagenhamScarlet FeverOne case. Removed. Supposed to have been caught from No. 82No other case
88„ 21Cottage Homes, HornchurchScarlet FeverOne case. Disease presumed to have been brought in by a visitor. Removed to Eastern Hospital, M.A.B.See No. 92
89„ 23Great WarleyDiphtheriaOne case. Presumed to have been infected by a case beyond the district. RemovedNo other case
90„ 23-25South HornchurchDiphtheriaTwo cases, Origin obscureSee No.
91, 28Chadwell HeathScarlet FeverInfected by a case beyond the district
92Oct. 1Cottage Homes, HornchurchScarlet FeverOne case. Removed
93„ 4-12South HornchurchDiphtheriaNine cases. Infection presumed to have been caught in school from an unrecognized case. School closedNo other case
94,, 12RainhamDiphtheriaOne case notified. Bacteriological examination failed to confirm diseaseNo other case
95,, 12Great WarleyDiphtheriaDitto
96„ 15Claremont RoadScarlet FeverTwo cases in one family. Infection imported. RemovedNo other case
97„ 15HornchurchScarlet FeverTwo cases. "Return case" from a child discharged from hospital. RemovsdNo other case
98„ 15RainhamEnteric FeverOne case. Contracted away from home. RemovedNo other case
99,, 16Hay Green, HornchurchScarlet FeverOne case. Removed
100,, 17Great WarleyDiphtheriaOne case. Infected by a patient outside the district. Removed
101,, 17Chadwell HeathScarlet FeverOne case. RemovedSee No. 104