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Romford 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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The following is a complete list of the nuisances, &c., reported by
the Sanitary Inspectors, in which action has been taken by them, my
aid being called in in those instances which were considered necessary.
Nuisances abated 211
Filthy houses cleansed 2
Overcrowding abated 8
Houses repaired 11
Houses closed 1
Wells closed, water impure 1
Pail closets provided 1
W.C's repaired 17
Samples of water analysed 13
Wells cleansed 2
Animals improperly kept 11
Offensive trade stopped 1
Total 279
The various bake-houses, dairies, cowsheds and slaughter-houses
have been periodically visited and with one exception, been found
Sanitary improvements have been continued during the year, the
Council always responding to complaints from the Sanitary Officials and
from private persons, and giving instructions for official action towards
remedying insanitary conditions, as far as is possible. New roads have
been and are being constructed in various recently developed localities.
The system of sewerage for Rainham is now in working order, nearly
all houses in the sewage area having been connected. The Dagenham
sewerage system, a very extensive system over a very wide area, and one
which I believe has been met with many difficulties, is now completed
and the connection will shortly be commenced.