London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Romford 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford RDC]

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NoDate.Locality.Disease.Source of Disease. Action taken.Result.
136Dec. 1Chadwell HeathScarlet FeverA notified case, not verified on being visited by mc
137,, 1RainhamDiphtheriaA dubious case. Not verified by bacteriological examination
138,, 1RainhamScarlet FeverAnother case in same house as No.
1398-9DagenhamScarlet FeverTwo cases. Presumably " return cases." RemovedNo other case
140,, 9RainhamScarlet FeverOne case. Infected by No. 132. RemovedNo other case
141,, 9Harold WoodDiphtheriaTwo cases next door to No. 130
142,, 11Harold WoodDiphtheriaDitto
143„ 12Chadwell HeathScarlet FeverOne case
144„ 16RainhamScarlet FeverOne case. Removed
145„ 17Harold WoodDiphtheriaOne case next door to No. 132. RemovedNo oilier case
146„ 20Rectory Road, DagenhamDiphtheriaOne case. Overflowing cesspool. Remedied. Case removedSee No. 147
147„ 23Rectory Road, DagenhamDiphtheriaAnother case in same family as No. 146. RemovedNo other case
148„ 23Ardley Green, HornchurchScarlet FeverTwo cases. Origin obscure. RemovedSee No. 150
149„ 25Harold WoodDiphtheriaAnother case in same family as No. 132. RemovedNo other case
150„ 27Ardley GreenScarlet FeverAnother case in same family as No. 148
151„ 27Chequers' LaneScarlet FeverThree cases. “Return cases." RemovedNo other case
152„ 27DagenhamScarlet FeverOne case. Origin obscure. Removed
153„ 30CranhamScarlet FeverAnother case in same family as No. 124
154„ 31DagenhamScarlet FeverAnother case in same familv No. 152