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Romford 1962

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford]

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All the inspectors in the borough who are responsible for meat
inspection, are in possession of the Meat and Other Food Inspectors
Diploma of the Royal Society of Health and are therefore permitted
to use a Meat Marking Stamp as authorised by the Ministry.
Cysticercus Bovis
During the year 12 beasts were found to be infested with C.
Bovis, these are subdivided as follows:—
5 Cattle (ex cows) lesions in the heart muscle
6 Cattle (ex cows) lesions in the cheek muscles
1 Cow lesions in the cheek muscles
No generalised cases were found and after condemnation of the
affected parts, the carcases were subjected to cold storage treatment
for the required period.
Export of horse-flesh
In addition to meat inspected for home consumption, horse
carcases are inspected for export to Belgium, this inspection has to
satisfy the requirements of the Belgian Government, and each
consignment of horsflesh has to be accompanied by an official
certificate signed by the inspector who has examined and passed the
meat. These certificates as well as official labels are provided by the
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and have been approved
by the Belgian Government.
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