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Romford 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Romford]

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(vi) Pet Animals Act, 1951.
Fourteen persons were licensed to keep Pet Shops. Frequent inspections
are carried out.
(i) Milk Supply.
At the end of the year, 50 firms were registered as Retailers, or
Distributors. Of these 19 were licensed to retail Tuberculin Tested
Milk, 28 were licensed to retail Pasteurised Milk, and 46 were licensed
to retail Sterilised Milk.
The two Pasteurising plants are kept under surveillance by the
During the year, 111 samples of milk were taken, and all but four
passed . the prescribed tests.
(ii) Ice Cream.
here were at the end of the year one manufacturer, and 219
vendors on the register.
During the year, 28 samples were taken for Bacteriological examination
and of these, 25 were satisfactory and three unsatisfactory.
Twenty samples of ice-lollies were taken, and, of them 13 were
satisfactory, and seven unsatisfactory.
(iii) Meat.
ere are three licensed slaughterhouses in the Borough, one of
these , being licensed for the slaughter of horses, as well as livestock.
Inspectors attend regularly to ensure that 100% inspection is
maintained. During the year under review, 966 such visits were made.
Durig this period, a total of 33,547 animals were slaughtered, and a
24 tons, 3 cwts. 71 lbs. of meat was found to be unfit for
hum, consumption; this was disposed of for animal feeding through the
recognised channels.
Table 12 sets out the particulars of the carcases inspected, and
condemned. There are also three Wholesale Meat Depots, and 72
butchers shops in the Borough, and, during the year, 240 inspections
were made of these premises.