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Penge 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Penge]


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    Comparative Vital Statistics The following table shows the comparative figures for 1960:—
    Rate per 1,000 Home PopulationRate per 1,000 total birthsDeath Rate per 1,000 Total PopulationDeaths under 1 year per 1,000 live Births
    Live BirthsStill Births
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    NOTIFIABLE DISEASES (other than Tuberculosis) DURING THE YEAR 1960
    Total Cases NotifiedCases admittedto HospitalTotal Deaths
  • Page 10
    Tuberculosis No action was necessary under the Public Health (Prevention of Tuberculosis) Regulations, 1925, or under Section 172, Public Health Act, 1936.
    Total Primary Cases NotifiedTotal Cases admitted to Sanitoria and HospitalsTotal Deaths
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    There were eleven recoveries notified. NEW TUBERCULOSIS CASES AND MORTALITY DURING 1960
    Age Period*New CasesDeaths
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    NOTIFIABLE DISEASES (other than Tuberculosis) DURING THE YEAR 1960
    At all agesUnder 11 to 22 to 33 to 44 to 55 to 910 to 1515 to 3535 and upw'dsCases admitted to Hospital
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    PART I, FACTORIES ACTS, 1937 TO 1959 1. Inspections for purposes of provisions as to health
    PremisesNumber on RegisterNumber of
    InspectionsWritten NoticesOccupiers prosecuted
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    2. Cases in which Defects were found
    ParticularsNumber of cases in which defects were foundNumber of cases in which prosecutions were instituted
    To H.M. InspectorBy H.M. Inspector
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    CAUSES OF DEATH IN PENGE URBAN DISTRICT, 1960 Registrar-General's Figures
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    The food condemned was as follows:—