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Orpington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Orpington]

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Fourteen cases of pneumonia were notified during 1960, as
against 13 in 1959, and all were home-nursed. There were 71
deaths attributed to this disease. This latter figure includes people
who are normally resident in the area but who died outside the
Urban District.
Scarlet Fever.
One hundred and twelve cases were notified during the year,
six being removed to hospital, and the remainder home nursed.
This is only a very slight increase on the 106 cases recorded during
1959. No deaths occurred from this disease during 1960 and there
were no "return cases".
Smallpox and Vaccination.
No cases of smallpox occurred in this area, neither was it
necessary to keep any contacts under surveillance during the year.
During the year, four hundred and nine International
Certificates of Vaccination passed through the hands of the department
for purposes of authenticating doctors' signatures.
The County Medical Officer informs me that a total of 1,187
residents in the area received primary vaccination and 36 revaccination
during the year. (These figures are based on record
cards received.)


The following is a copy of the recordings in the register at 31st December, 1960:—

Respiratory.Other Forms.Total No. of cases.
On register at 1st Jan., 1960 New cases notified during 196048543164821,062
Number of cases coming to knowledge after death2---2
Restored to register
Inward Transfers139123
Deletions, deaths, removals, recoveries, etc.117882625256
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