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Orpington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Orpington]

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Average Results of the Chemical Examination of the Water supplied to Orpington during the Year 1960.

Milligrammes per litre (unless otherwise stated)

Description of the SampleNo. of SamplesAmmonia NitrogenAlbuminoid NitrogenOxidised NitrogenChlorides as CLOxygen abs. from Permanganate 4 hrs. at 27°C.Turbidity unitsColour, mm. brown 2 ft. Tube Burgess's Tintometer
Eynsford well70.0130.0204.1160.06NilNil
Horton Kirby well60.0120.0224.5170.04NilNil
Lullingstone well50.0140.0233.815NilNilNil
Orpington well40.0150.0216.6150.04NilNil
N. Orpington well40.0130.0235.0140.040.1Nil
Shortlands well120.0160.0265.3180.04NilNil
Sundridge well400130.0173.0180.04NilNil
Thames derived1560.0380.0804.0281.260.314
(Southern Group)
Description of the SampleHardness (Total)Hardness (non-carbonate)pH. ValuePhosphate as po4Silicate as SiO2Sulphate as sO4Fluoride as FMagnesium as Mg.Surface Active Material as ManoxolFree CO2Electrical Conductivity (Gemmhos)
Eynsford well258327.3160.232475
Horton Kirby258387.2200.1530475
Lullingstone well246307.2140.1529450
Orpington well278427.1160.138500
N. Orpington well266307.1120.136475
Shortlands well282647.2440.1531525
Sundridge well210427.4280.115400
Thames derived254687.81.009580.2540.12525
(Southern Group)
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