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Orpington 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Orpington]

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Infant Mortality.

Infant mortality rate per 1,000 live births18.8
Legitimate infant deaths per 1,000 legitimate live births18.0
Illegitimate infant deaths per 1,000 illegitimate live births40.8
Neo-natal mortality rate (deaths under 4 weeks per 1,000 total live births)17.4
Early neo-natal mortality rate (deaths under 1 week per 1,000 total live births)16.0
Perinatal mortality rate (stillbirths and deaths under 1 week combined per 1,000 total live and still births)30.8
Infant mortality rate for England and Wales21.7
Maternal Mortality.
Maternal deaths (including abortion)Nil
Maternal mortality rate per 1,000 live and still birthsNil
Maternal mortality rate for England and Wales0.39
Crude death rate per 1,000 estimated total population9.4
Adjusted rate for comparison purposes (The area comparability factor for deaths is 1.08)10.1
Death rate for England and Wales11.5
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The Registrar General's estimate of the total population of the
Urban District, mid-year 1960, was 76,020 which is an increase of
1.400 over the figure for the previous year. This population figure
gives a density of 3.65 persons to the acre.
The natural increase of population measured by excess of
births over deaths, was 725.
The birth rate for 1960 was 18.9 per 1,000 total population.
The adjusted rate for comparison with other areas being 18.5.
The rate of 18.9 is .3 higher than that for the previous year,
and is well above the figure of 17.1 for England and Wales as a
1,437 live births were registered in the Urban District during
the year, as against 1,388 in 1959. Of this number, 731 were males
and 706 females.

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