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Leyton 1906

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]


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    The Death Rate in its relation to the rainfall is worthy of study.
    Year.Rainfall.Death Rate.
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    Here are the figures month by month for 1906:—
    Month.Total Depth.Greatest 24Fall in hours.Number of Days with .01 or more recorded.
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    COUNCIL SCHOOLS. The following are the returns of the number of children on the books attending the various Council Schools. Table I.
    Cann Hall Ward.Boys.Girls.Junior Mixed.Infants.Total.
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    Table I. ( Cont.)
    Leytonstone Ward.Boys.Girls.Junior Mixed.Infants.Total.
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    Total attending Schools:—
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    School Children's Ailments. (Contd.)
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    Table I. Owing mainly to the very hot summer the Infantile mortality from Diarrhoea was more than twice as much as that of 1905.
    Deaths of Infants from Diarrhoea under 5 years of age.
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    Table II.—Births for the last 5 years.
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    Table III.—D eaths for the last 5 years.
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    Table IV.— Distribution of Deaths.
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    Table V.—Vital Statistics of 76 Largest English Towns during 1906.
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    Table VI.— Death Rate for each Quarter.
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    Table VII.—Deaths Classified with regard to Sex.
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    Table VIII.—Ages at which Death Occurred.
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    Table IX.—Death Rate per cent. of Total Deaths.
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    Table X.— Chief Causes of Death.
    Under 1 year.Over 1 and under 5.Over 5 and under 15.Over 15 and under 25.Over 25 and under 65.65 and over.Total
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    Table X. (Cont.)— Chief Causes of Death.
    Under 1 year.Over 1 and under 5.Over 5 and under 15.Over 15 and under 25.Over 25 and under 65.65 and over.Total.
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    Table XI.—Number of Deaths and Death-Rate per 1 ,000 of the Population from Certain Causes.
    Phthisis and Tubercular Diseases.Respiratory Diseases.Heart Disease.Violence.Premature Birth.Diarrhoea.
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    T able XII.—INFECTIOUS DISEASES (NOTIFICATION) ACT, 1890. The following Table shows the number of cases of Infectious Diseases per month notified during the year:—
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    Table XIII— Number of Cases of Infectious Diseases as they Occurred in the Nine Wards of the District, and the Percentages.
    Leyton.Lea Bridge.Central.Forest.Leytonstone.Grove Green.Harrow Green.Cann Hall.Wan-stead SlipTotal.
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    Table XVI.—Deaths per Cent, of Deaths notified (exclusive of Public Institutions).
    Cases.Deaths.Percentage Mortality.
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    Table XVII.—Deaths from the Nine Chief Zymotic Diseases for the last Seven Years together with the Zymotic Death Rate and Rate of Mortality from all other Diseases.
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    TYPHOID. Table XVIII.—Probable Causes of Infection.
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    SCARLET FEVER. Table XIX.—Notified Cases of Scarlet Fever during the Past Five Years, with the Percentage Mortality.
    Cases Notified.Deaths.Percentage Mortality.
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    TABLE XIX a .—DIPHTHERIA AND MEMBRANOUS CROUP. The number of notifications received since the adoption of The Infectious Diseases (Notification) Act, 1890, and Deaths and Percentages.
    Year.Population.N umberDeathsPercentage Mortality
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    T able XX.
    Number of cases notified.Number of cases treated in Hospital.Percentage of cases treated in Hospital.Number of beds available.Mortality per cent, of cases notified.Mortality per cent, of cases treated in Hospital.
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    Table XXI.
    Year.Notified.In District.In Hospital.
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    Table XXII.
    DeathsAdmissions to Hospital.
    Year.Notified.In District.In Hospital.
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    Table XXIII.—Cases of Infectious Diseases Removed to Hospital During the Year 1906.
    Notifiable Disease.At Ages—(Years).
    At all Ages.Under 1.1 to 5.5 to 15.15 to 25.25 to 65.65 and upwards.
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    This year I give the Causes of Death more fully divided up as regards age. This is really the recognised form, and is as follows:—
    Under 1 Year.Over 1 and under 5Over 5 C and under 15)ver 15 and under 25Over 25 and under 6565 and Over.Total.
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    Under 1 Year.Over 1 and under 5Over 5 and under 15Over 15 and under 25Over 25 and under 6565 and overTotal.
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    Cases of Infectious Diseases occurring in the Union.
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    SANITARY WORK. Under the most capable supervision of Captain Miller and his energetic staff the following sanitary work has been properly carried out:—
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    SEWER VENTILATORS. Return of Sewer Ventilators erected during the period January, 1906, to December, 1906:—
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    ERECTION OF HOUSES. Return of Houses erected during the period January to December, 1906:—
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    As an instance of the growth of the District since my first year I may point out that the Annual Report for 1886, my first year, occupied only two sides of a foolscap sheet of paper.
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    Table XIV.—Cases of Infectious Disease Notified During the Year 1906. Including Cases OCCURRED in West Ham Union Infirmary , &c., but NOT those Imported.
    Notifiable Disease.Cases Notified in Whole District.Total Cases Notified in each Locality—Wards.No. of Cases Removed to Various Hospitals from each Locality—Wards.
    At all Ages.At Ages—Years.123456789123456789
    Under 1.1 to 5.5 to 1515 to 25.25 to 65.65 and upwards.Leyton—Isolation Hospital in this Ward.Lea Bridge.Central.Forest—West Ham Infirmary in this WardLeytonstone—Bethnal Green Schools in this Ward.Grove Green—Home of Good Shepherd in this Ward.Harrow Green—West Ham Workhouse in this Ward.Cann Hall.Wanstead Slip.Leyton.Lea Bridge.Central.Forest.Leytonstone.Grove Green.Harrow Green.Cann Hall.Wansttad Slip-
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    Table XV.—Infantile Mortality During the Year 1906. Deaths from Stated Causes in Weeks and Months Under One Year of Age.
    CAUSE OF DEATH.Under i Week.1-2 Weeks.2-3 Weeks.3-4 Weeks.Total under 1 Month.1-2 Months.2-3 Months.3-4 Months4-5 Months.5-6 Months.6-7 Months.7-8 Months.8-9 Months.9-10 Months.10-11 Months.11-12 Months.Total Deaths under 1 Year.
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