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Leyton 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]

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Table V.—Deaths Classified with regard to Sex.

Males1192 or 52.5per cent of the total, deaths.
Females1078 ,, 47.5

Table VI.—Ages at which Death occurred.

Under 1 year444
1 year and under 5 years176
5 years „ 1534
15 years „ 25 „46
25 years „ 65 „395
65 years and over275

Table VII.—Death-Rate per cent, of Total Deaths.

Under 1 year44432.445.2
1 year and under 5 years17612.8
5 years „ 65 „47534.754.8
65 years and over27520.1

The infant mortality, i.e., Heaths under 1 year is 444, or 13 8
per cent. of the total number of births, against 9.8 per cent. last year.
Per 1000 births, the deaths of infants under 1 year of age in
England and Wales was 146, in Rural England and Wales 125, in 76
great towns 160, in 142 smaller towns 154.
In our District for every 1000 births, the deaths of infants under
1 year of age rose from 99 last year to 138 this. Frequent inspections
were made in all the poorer localities in order to, as far as possible,
see that the sanitary surroundings were proper and no refuse allowed
to accumulate. I ascribe the increase as much to the usual causes of
infantile ailments, viz, impure milk, heated sub-soil, dust infection,
etc., as to the ignorance and lack of cleanliness of young mothers,
especially with regard to the utensils used for baby's food. Too much
care it is not possible to exercise in these all-important matters, but
this fact appears to be beyond the comprehensive powers of many
residents in these parts to grasp. Added to the above, the dry weather
already alluded to was, as it always will be, a factor in the mischief.
Diarrhcea was very fatal among infants particularly in August.