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Leyton 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]

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Domestic water cisterns removed from improper positions, or cleaned or repaired102
Nuisances by overcrowding!3
Nuisances caused by fish, offal, manure and other refuse deposits69
Animals kept in an insanitary state29
Houses disinfected, walls stripped, limewashed, etc.572
Books disinfected65
Receptacles for fish offal5
Smoke nuisances abated9
Pig nuisances abateda
Offensive trades2
Plots of land fenced in5
Schools disinfected6
Squatters removed2

Several alterations and additions to the sewers have during the
past year been carried out by or under the supervision of your
Surveyor's Department, chief among which may be mentioned the
construction of a Low-level Sewer, to which 259 new houses on Mr.
Courtenav Warner's Estate have been connected; also 73 existing
houses in other parts of the Lea Bridge District.
A new 1-ft 9-in Sewer was also constructed in Downsell Road;
also a 2 - ft. Sewer in Union Road, to relieve the Leytonstone District.
Other work included the covering in of the open water course from
West End Avenue by means of a 2-ft. 6-in. surface water culvert.


Sixty-six Ventilators have been provided to the Council's sewer from January to December, 1904, distributed in the different wards as follows:—

Sewer Vents fixed from Jan. to Dec., 1904 (inclusive).

Forest.Leytonstone.Lea Bridge.Leyton.Central,G, Green.Cann Hall.Harrow Green.Wan-stead S.
1310ii4203311 = 66