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Leyton 1904

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]

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"Power is given to any duly authorised officer of the Council
"to enter and inspect the premises of any manufacturer or vendor
"of or merchant or dealer in ice-creams or other similiar com"modity
and any person refusing entry or obstructing such
"officer in the execution of his duty shall be liable to a penalty
"not exceeding forty shillings for each offence.
"Every dealer in ice-creams or other similar commodity
"vending his wares from any cart barrow or other vehicle or
"stand must have his name and address legibly painted or
"inscribed on such cart barrow or stand. Penalty on default not
"exceeding forty shillings."
Concerning the Milk Supply, the Act is rightly very stringent
with regard to sale of milk at all likely to be infected with tuberculosis
germs. Though this Act is bound to work for the public weal, it is
early yet to comment upon its operativeness.
Exigencies of space preclude much reference to the Infectious
Diseases Act within the narrow confines of an Annual Report, and I
only refer to it again to welcome it as a much needed measure that
can but tend to still further safeguard the Public Health without
acting harshly on the individual.


Under the most capable supervision of Mr. Miller and his energetic staff the following sanitary work has been properly carried out. Details are as usual culled from Mr. Miller's Report:—

Houses inspected3305
Connections of drains tested3035
Notices served1986
Complaints received402
Defective drains remedied214
W.C.'s in defective state, new traps and straight backed pans provided where necessary518
Sink, bath and lavatory wastes, and rain pipes made to discharge in open air over trapped gullies260
Defective gullies replaced, and defective connections of gullies remedied492
New sink and bath waste pipes provided and repaired108