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Leyton 1896

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]


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    The following is the rainfall for each month in this district:—
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    Cann Hall Ward—
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    Table I.— Births for the last 5 years.
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    Table II.—D eaths for the last 5 years.
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    Table III.— Distribution of Deaths.
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    Table IV.—Death-rate for each Quarter.
    1st.2nd.3rd.4 th.
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    Table V.—Deaths Classified with regard to Sex.
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    Table VI.—Ages at which Death occurred.
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    Table VII.— Death-rate per cent. of Total Deaths.
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    Table VIII.—Chief Causes of Death.
    Under 5 years.6 years & over.Total.
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    Table IX.—Number of Deaths and Death-hate per 1,000 of Population from certain causes.
    Phthisis.Pneumonia #Bronchitis.Heart Disease.Violence.Premature Birth.
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    Table X.—Numbeb of Cases notified.
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    Table XI.—Shewing the Number of Cases of Infectious Disease as they occurred in the Four Chif.f Wards of the District.
    Leyton Ward.Leytonstone Ward.Harrow Green Ward.Cann Hail Ward.Total.
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    In addition to the above are the following cases of Infectious Disease which occurred in Public Institutions— with the Mortality. TABLE XII.
    Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Typhoid Fever.Erysipelas.Total.Mortality.Percentage Mortality.
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    Table XIII.—Deaths per cent, of Cases notified (exclusive of Public Institutions).
    Number of Cases Notified.Number of Deaths.Percentage Mortality.
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    Table XIV.—Deaths from the Seven Chief Zymotic Diseases for the last Five Years, together with the Zymotic Death Rate and Rate of Mortality from all other Diseases.
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    The following Table shows the number of cases of Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria that have occurred since February, 1890, with the number of deaths, and the number of cases that have been Ireated in the various Temporary Hospitals.
    No. of Cases Notified.DeathsTreated in HospitalHospital atBeds.No. of Cases Notified.Deaths.Treated in Hospital.Position of Hospital.Beds.Percentage of Cases Treated in Hospital.
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    The following were the chief causes of death:—
    Under 5 Tears.5 Years and over.Total.
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    ages at which death occurred.