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Hornchurch 1959

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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As a matter of general interest T record the rainfall figures for the year (kindly supplied by the Engineer and Surveyor) and relating to " Langtons." The 1958 figures are shown in parentheses.

Amount of rainfall in inchesNumber of days in which rain fell
January1.64 (1.37)14 (9)
February0.06 (2.25)2 (17)
March1.35 (1.10)15 (13)
April1.96 (1.62)15 (11)
May0.95 (1.82)5 (13)
June0.77 (4.99)11 (16)
July0.83 (2.00)8 (14)
August1.22 (3.84)7 (17)
September0.03 (4.77)1 (11)
October2.50 (2.20)12 (14)
November2.70 (1.83)13 (11)
December3.10 (2.64)25 (18)
17.01 (30.43)128 (154)
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Well: Five routine samples were taken from 5 supplies of this type and
the results were uniformly unsatisfactory.
The houses involved varied from 38 to 555 yards distant from a
mains supply with a commensurate cost of mains extension. The
significance of a poor well supply is not often appreciated by the users
(or does not seem to be) and whether by some process of immunisation
or even that the water—as advised—is always boiled, to date no trouble
has arisen through these supplies.
Apart from actual mains extension it is sometimes possible to
improve the well and/or surround to obviate or minimise contamination.
Improving housing standards for agricultural workers ensure that
where reasonably practicable the well supply will be replaced by main
water and the aggregation of farm workers' houses in circumstances
permitting modern amenities allows this to be readily secured.
In general therefore as is to be expected in a district such as this
the well water problem is of minimum proportions.
Atmospheric Pollution.
Clean Air:
The extent and diversity of work naturally increases year by year
as is bound to happen if progress is to be made.
Smoke Control Areas with their attendant surveys, consideration of
grants, propaganda and the like occupy pride of place and will be
detailed later.

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