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Hornchurch 1958

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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such as tuberculous meningitis and miliary tuberculosis, are now comparatively
The examination of contacts is also being extended and serves a
useful purpose as a follow-up to abnormal cases found at the Mass
Radiography Units. The figures of the Mass Radiography Units show
that about 20% of the new cases of tuberculosis that are brought under
the surveillance of Chest Physicians are discovered by mass radiography.
It would therefore seem very desirable that a larger response should be
made by the general public of the area when the mobile Mass Radiography
Unit visits it."
Mass Radiography Unit.
This survey was arranged through Dr. Lawless, the Medical Director
of Mass Radiography Unit No. 6B—North East Metropolitan Regional
Hospital Board.

Three factory visits and seven general public sessions were carried out and a note of the attendance at the latter is given below:

Rainham Working Men's Club173215388
Cherry Tree Car Park, South Hornchurch348378726
Elm Park Hotel Car Park4618001,261
Odeon Car Park, Hornchurch5717871,358
Spencers Arms Car Park, Ardleigh Green290423713
Plough Inn Car Park, Cranham163231394
Gaumont Car Park, Upminster299469768
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A total of 8,508 persons attended comprising 4,169 males and 4,339
females. Although this is a decrease of some 313 on the 1956 visit figures
no especial arrangements were made on this occasion for school leavers,
a factor which of course might reflect upon the numbers.
The clinical evaluation of the visit is not yet to hand.

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