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Hornchurch 1958

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Mouldy fruit pies.No action—delay in notifying complaint.
Insect in cereals.Matter taken up with Vendor and Manufacturer.
Maggot in packet of semolina.No action—delay in notifying complaint.
Mouldy bread.Vendor warned.
Piece of metal in biscuits.Matter taken up with Manufacturer.
Foreign matter in tin of prunes.Matter referred to Local Authority where goods purchased.
Maggots in processed cheese.Matter taken up with Vendor, remainder of stock destroyed.
Third pint bottle of milk—neck of bottle broken.After due consideration no action taken.
Piece of paper in bottle of milk.Matter taken up with Dairy concerned.
National Dried Milk alleged to have caused sickness.Matter referred to Essex County Health Services.
Vinegar eels in non-brewed condiment.Matter taken up with Manufacturer.
Dirty bottle of milk.Matter taken up with Dairy.
Mouldy pork sausages.Vendor warned.
Fingernail in jar of jam.Evidence insufficient to prove 'fingernail' was in jam.
Sale of cooked bacon as ham.All grocers in Urban District advised that Council would take a serious view of any such occurrence.
Packets of sweets containing toys, etc.Legal opinion obtained. No action possible.
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Bacon and Ham.
Enquiry was made into the practice at a few shops of selling bacon
described as 'ham.' It seemed clear that a reasonably definite line of
demarcation between the two existed and the appropriate trade members
were duly advised of your views. This clarification— which in no way
reflected upon the vast majority of traders—appeared to stop the practice.
Imported Apples—metallic contamination.
As information suggested that there was a possibility of certain imported
apples which had arrived in this district containing lead and
arsenic in small but undesirable quantity, steps were taken to sample
the products mentioned and our Analyst reported that the lead and/or

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