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Hornchurch 1958

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Hornchurch]

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Salmon, red1Catarrh Pastilles1
Salmon, potted1Chlorodyne1
Saltines (Biscuits)1Clo-Ro-Filt Tablets1
Sardines in Pure Olive Oil1Compound Glycerine of Thymol1
Sausages, beef2
Sausages, pork1Compound Lemon, Glycerine and Honey Mix1
Sausages, chipolatas, pork1
Sausage Meat, Beef and Pork1
Cough Syrup1
Self-Raising Flour1Cream of Tartar1
Shortbread1Euclyptus Oil1
Slim-Easy Rolls1First Aid Cream1
Spaghetti with Tomato & Cheese Sauce1Fullers Earth Cream1
Gon Tablets (for prevention and relief of chilblains)1
Sponge Drops1
Steak Casserole1Halibut Oil Capsules1
Stuffing1Ivy Lotion1
Suet, shredded1Kill-all-Pain Liniment1
Sugar Candy1Laxative Chocolate1
Sultanas1Linseed Licorice and Chlorodyne Lozenges1
Toast and butter1Night Cough Pastilles1
Tomato Cocktail2Parrish's Syrup1
Tomato Ketchup2Pax (for corns)1
Tomatoes, peeled1Peppermint Oil Lozenges1
Weinkraut, (pickled cabbage)1Quinine Compound Tablets1
Seven Rubbing Oils1
Brandy1Spirit of Sal Volatile1
Gin1Sweetex Pellets1
Whisky2Tincture of Iodine1
Adult Cough Mixture1Tyzanol Hydrochloride1
Alum1Vercolate Tablets1
Athletes Foot Ointment1Wasp Sting Cream1
Baby Chest Rub1White Embrocation1
Baby Cream1Zinc and Castor Oil Cream1
Boracic Acid1
Bronchial Balsam1Total269
Calamine Lotion2
Camphorated Oil2
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